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Hyperledger Indy (or Indy for short) is one of the lesser-known projects within the Linux Hyperledger Foundation that is focused on Identity, Privacy and Self Sovereign Identity.  Indy provides a solution to both the problem of managing personal information privacy, as well as supporting enterprise applications that need to connect and communicate in a trusted manner.


More than ever, organizations are being challenged with how to securely manage their client's personal information while maintaining the public's expectation of data privacy, integrity, and availability.  Organizations are increasingly collaborating and looking for solutions to manage their online identity and do business electronically.  These needs have pushed organizations to consider new and innovative platforms ... 

Read more about Hyperledger Indy and how it solves modern business problems in a new and innovative way.


You don't need to know Blockchain fundamentals, or even the nuts and bolts of hooking up an Indy Agent, in order to build Indy-enabled applications.  Indy Agents can easily “Indy-enable” an existing application to enable it to issue Credentials and to receive and understand Proofs.  Indy provides a 3-layer architecture ...

Read more about Indy's architecture and how you can easily build Indy-enabled applications.


Indy supports Self Sovereign Identity, and a user's ability to hold and manage their own data.  However there are some cases, such as for medical and clinical data, where data will be held by data stewards such as hospitals and medical labs.  User Managed Data (UMA) is a data access standard that allows users to manage access to their data, even when it is held by another organization.

Read about how Indy can enable User Managed Access.

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